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The World's First Non-Profit AI Lab for Immigrant Justice

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AI is Here and Immigrant Advocates Aren't Ready

With concerns about privacy and data security, cost, algorithmic discrimination, and a host of other implications, immigrant legal-aid organizations and nonprofit organizations report feeling unprepared for and skeptical of AI and its impact in our lives. As AI transforms our world, immigrants and their advocates need a mission-based technology partner to help them harness these new technologies to advance access to justice.

1 out of 3
nonprofits rate their current understanding of Gen AI as low
legal professionals report feeling unprepared for the impacts of Gen AI
4 in 5
nonprofits believe Gen AI may be applicable to the communities they serve
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Justicia Lab AI: A New Era For Immigrant Justice

Justicia Lab AI is here to help immigrants and their advocates navigate these new technologies and better understand the potential of AI to make a positive impact. Justicia Lab AI seeks to bring together leading immigrant advocacy groups, academics, and tech industry leaders to create a space for collaboration, and AI innovation in the service of immigrant justice.

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Positioned at the forefront of immigrant justice, Justicia Lab AI is committed to maximizing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence by:

Justicia Lab AI - Illustration Promoting the Ethical & Responsible Use Of AI

Promoting the Ethical & Responsible Use Of AI

Justicia Lab AI will uphold Justicia Lab’s reputation as a trusted partner and steward of new technologies by promoting the responsible use of AI technologies for immigrants and their advocates and by sharing best practices in the development and deployment of these tools.

Justicia Lab AI - Illustration Co-designing & Developing AI-Powered Solutions

Co-designing & Developing AI-Powered Solutions

Justicia Lab AI will employ co-design practices to collaboratively develop, prototype, and test Gen AI apps. Our approach is grounded in language justice, data sovereignty, and equitable design practices.

Justicia Lab AI - Illustration Delivering Public Education & Training On AI

Delivering Public Education & Training On AI

As AI technologies quickly develop and become more accessible, our aim will be to help immigrant service organizations understand how to best leverage Gen AI and LLMs through workshops, training programs, and by uplifting opportunities for technical assistance.

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